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Local Issues & General Issues 
"Local Issues" are recent, current or future issues that could affect Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. "General Issues" are broader issues that affect not only the community, but also the region, state, or country. Both categories may include proposed, pending or passed legislation. If you would like any "issue" links added, please contact us. We try to represent all sides of every issue.

Councilmembers Charlotte Laws and Sharon Anton at the Crown Disposal Recycling Plant


Los Angeles:

Animal Welfare - DAW (Charlotte started the DAW program in Los Angeles)

Animal Shelter Proposal (Original) for Los Angeles. Animal Shelter Proposal (Revised) for Los AngelesL.A. Animal Cruelty Task Force. Written by Charlotte Laws

Community Partnerships Section of No-Kill Council Animal Shelter Proposal for the City of Los Angeles - written by Charlotte Laws on September 17, 2005


Animal Shelter Proposal for Oakland, CA. Outline for Oakland. Oakland DAW Program. Oakland Humane Officer Program. Potential Job Description 1 and Potential Job Description 2 for Director Position. L.A. Animal Cruelty Task Force should also be put in place in Oakland. Proposal brochure consists of  54 page report which will be given to the Stakeholder Committee in Oakland at the end of May 2005. Proposal written by Charlotte Laws.


Burglar Alarm Ordinance

Business Tax Reform Package - Greuel/Garcetti Proposal & Summary 

Community Impact Statement on every city agenda - passed by the GVGC on June 1, 2009. 

Density Bonus letter from Charlotte Laws to the Los Angeles City Council in October 2007. This is a letter addressing Los Angeles' plans to implement SB 1818. 

Earthquake Survival Tip - Read this! It could save your life!  

Election in 2009 for CD 2   

Elephants in Los Angeles 

Fences - Proposal to raise front-yard fences in Los Angeles.  

Foreclosure Action Network  

Housing - Rational Density Bonus Motion. Passed by the Greater Valley Glen Council in June 2005. Written by Valerie Olive.

Humanitarian Art Ordinance - Passed by the Greater Valley Glen Council in March 2009. 

Inclusionary Housing / Zoning Proposal for the City of Los Angeles (approved by the Greater Valley Glen Council in August 2004). Written by Charlotte Laws

Inclusionary Housing Information and Kosmont Partners Report for Pasadena and Daily News Article 

Increased Budgets for Neighborhood Councils 

Logo Design Competition in Greater Valley Glen  

Los Angeles City Council Referral of Issues by Local Councils - Motion Passed by GVGC

Mansionization - Proposal / Recommendations, Written by Charlotte Laws
ICO for Mansionization passed by the Greater Valley Glen Council

MSG Motion and Letter to the LA City Council - Passed by the Greater Valley Glen Council in February 2009. Written by Charlotte Laws.

MOU with Department of Sanitation - Passed GVGC on June 1, 2009. Submitted to LA City Council on June 20, 2009. 

POSSE (People Organizing Safe Secure Environments) - Passed by GVGC

Rent Control / Affordable Housing Suggestions - Passed by the GVGC in Sept. 2005

Solar Energy and LAUSD - Written by Charlotte Laws

Speed Limit and AB 766, the Safe Streets Bill - Passes GVGC on June 1, 2009.

Survey Results from the Congress of Neighborhoods on October 9, 2004

Renewable Energy Letter (approved by the Greater Valley Glen Council in October 2004).

Designated Smoking Areas on City Beaches

Universal City North Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee Column in its monthly Dispatch Newsletter - May 2004.

Superstores & Zoning Issues


Establishing a California Animal Commission

Animal Shelter Abuses Lawsuit

Death Penalty, State by State Data on the Death Penalty, Abolish the Death Penalty

Driver's License for Illegals in California

Environmental Justice - General Plan for the City of Los Angeles

Fois Gras Banned in California - 2004 Legislation of SB 1520

Gay Marriage: Religious Tolerance, For Gay Marriage, Against Gay Marriage

Gun Control: The Second Amendment & Gun Laws

Iraq War

Legalization of Drugs & Against Legalization of Drugs

For & Against School Vouchers : Website A & Website B, Against School Vouchers, For School Vouchers (Prop 38) 


Women's Right to Choose / Abortion Laws State by State